July 5, 1960

The C.L.S.C. theme for 1960-61 was The U.S. Looks at the World, Ethics and United States Foreign Policy.

If the Summer School didn't appeal, you could take a class in ABC Shorthand in One Week. $5 for the class and you could get a deal on the textbook and workbook for $4!

The Agatha Christie play, "Spider's Web," opened the Chautauqua Repertory Season (seats from $1 to $2.50).

A week-long course, "The Church and the Apostles of Discord" will discuss "a group of persons who in recent years have made a good living by circulating attacks and inflammatory rumors concerning the leaders of major denominations."

The morning lecture by Mr. Phil Goulding explained that “public apathy concerning the immediate possibility of a thermo-nuclear war was based on three things: the unwillingness to think about the awfulness of a nuclear war, the complexity of our weapons system which is too complicated for the average citizen to comprehend, and the fact that the Government (sic) has never really made any attempt to ‘talk details and specifics’ to the American people.”