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Reformed Church House.jpg

The Reformed Church House


The Mayflower

Each of our houses are shared living spaces.

All rooms have their own sink, but bathrooms are shared.

There is one shared kitchen in The Mayflower where guests prepare and cook their own meals



There is a full kitchen and space for you to store groceries and perishables at The Mayflower. 



Chautauqua Lake and the Sports Club

is right down the hill.

Bikes, Benches and Rockers

There are rocking chairs on the front

and side porches,

benches alongside each property, 

and bike racks next to each house.

Free Wifi


The wifi password will be provided to you upon your arrival.



The Brick Walk Cafe and Afterwords Cafe are a short walk from each house and open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the season.



Each room has its own sink, but all toilets and showers are shared.

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