Optimistic View of Woman's Body

Dr. Edward Bortz addressed the amphitheater audience on the topic of "Ways to a Program of Positive Health: Changing, On-Going Man." He explained that "nature protects the woman's body by the arrangement of her glandular structures and when this balance of glands is disturbed that she no longer maintains her superiority over the male body."


There was a prim Miss named Hestor,

Who littered the Plaza of Bestor.

She romped about daily,

Scattering gaily,

And I scarce know what demon possessed her!


A luncheon was given for American Field Service exchange students and their parents. Madame Ludwig and her husband were touched by the open-armed welcome. When Madame Ludwig saw "how Americanized her son had become she did not worry... She knows that these mannerisms are temporary and when he returns home he will be French again."

July 12, 1960