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Opening Survey

2021 PLANNING SURVEY As mentioned in the Note About 2021 Rooms on our website, our President, John Botti, appointed a special committee to consider the options we have for opening in 2021. The committee has been meeting for the last two months and has developed procedures for a potential opening this summer. The committee would like some input from you before we make a final decision about the 2021 season. Below we have listed our plans for reopening in 2021. Please read through them and then take at most 5 minutes to answer a few questions. Please return the survey by Sunday, March 6th. Pending the Institution’s plans and safety guidelines from the federal, state and county authorities, we will provide updated housing and room reservation information to our Society members by the middle to end of March. Resident Requirements We will require that you provide proof of final vaccination at least 14 days prior to your arrival at our facilities. (This includes children) We will require masks throughout our buildings except in your room and in the dining room while eating. Facility Requirements Prior to opening, we will complete for our county health department a Covid Safety Plan compliant with CDC and Chautauqua Health Department guidelines We will comply with state and local laws regarding maximum capacity, which at this time is 50%. Our bathrooms have been redesigned to include touchless bathroom fittings which include: soap, water and hand towel dispensing and under counter waste receptacles. Hand Disinfecting Stations will be placed at doors to the bathroom. Your room will be disinfected prior to your arrival. We will operate on the assumption that everyone in our facilities will respect and care for each other and not do anything that would put someone else’s health in jeopardy. Meal Preparations and Dining Kitchen and Dining Plan Your plates, glasses and cutlery will be kept in your shelves. We will ask that you disinfect any equipment or pots and pans you use. (supplies will be on hand) Each room will have a dedicated refrigerator and storage shelf. This model will be very similar to what you have been used to prior to our kitchen remodel. We will make every effort to keep commonly used equipment and pots and pans disinfected and with your help. Please take a few minute to fill out and submit our 2021 Planning Survey. This information will help us plan for a safe 2021 season opening. Please click the link HERE.

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