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2024  Room Reservation Requests

  1. Room requests may be made using the link below in the white box with the red border. Those who submit their room request and pay the room deposit on or before February 1, 2024, as indicated by date of deposit transaction on line or USPS postmark, will be considered to have submitted their requests on February 1, and will receive equal consideration in the making of room assignments, subject only to the existing priority list as follows: 

    1. Life Member and/or Participation in Work Weekend(s) during 2022 or 2023

    2. Member of a UCC Congregation

    3. Have stayed with us in the past

    4. Everyone else

    5. Subsequent requests will be processed as received.

  2. Housing request forms, with $100 deposit per week per room, and current membership payment, if applicable, are due by February 1.  The membership fee is $80 for a family and $40 for an individual. The link to the registration form and the payment form are both in the white box with the green border below. 

  3. Written confirmation of a room assignment will be mailed to each applicant by March 1, 2024.  Look for your REGISTRATION # on the top right, opposite from your name.  This is important for our internal record keeping.  You will need to submit that number on the final payment form.

  4. Only online and mailed requests are valid until the first round of confirmations has been sent out.  Thereafter, phone reservations also will be accepted.

  5. Once notified of their room assignment, guests desiring to secure their room reservation(s) must pay their room gift, in full, by April 1. A late fee of $25.00 will be assessed for all payments received after April 1.  You may make that payment at

  6. Information about specific rooms is available at this link.

  7. If a specific room request cannot be met, every effort will be made to assign a similar room.

FIRST: Read all of these instructions :-) By completing the application, you are agreeing to our Room Reservation and Use Policies.


Click HERE to complete the Registration Form. Note: this link will take you to an external site and you will need to navigate back to this page on your own.

Pay the membership fee (if applicable) and the $100 deposit per room request HERE.


When you go to the link for membership fee and room deposit you will see a page that looks like this. Enter your amount for Membership and Rooms to pay by credit card.

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