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Chautauqua UCC Society 2023 Staff

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Meet our wonderful staff for the 2023 Season!

Chaplain Administrators

Peggy O’Connor is starting her third year as Chaplain Administrator, and will be serving the first half of the season in 2023. Pictured is Peggy (right) and her spouse, Susan Cartmell, (left) who you may have met the last couple of years during the second half of the season. Peggy and Susan have recently moved to Appleton, Wisconsin.

Bill and Laura Hoglund are new CAs from Westchester, IL for the second half of the season. You may recognize them as Santa and Mrs. Claus.


Grace Lipman is a familiar face. She is pictured here with her granddaughter, Bella. This will be Grace’s sixth year as registrar not only sending you emails and registration letters, but welcoming you as you become our guest on the grounds. She lives in Lake Worth, FL.

Facilities Manager

New to the staff is Wayne Sautter as facilities manager this year. He was recently on the board. He and his wife Ellen live in Youngstown, PA.

Mayflower Hosts

Margaret and David Graves may be familiar faces as they hosted at the RCH last year. You may have been lucky enough to be present for their pancakes and sausage breakfast. They are from Louisville, KY and will be hosting the first half at the Mayflower.

Meredith and Brad Townsend accepted the challenge as new hosts of the Mayflower for the second half of the season. They have been our guest for many years staying at the Mayflower and the RCH and look forward to meeting all of you. Meredith was on the board. They live in Byron, IL.

Reformed Church House

John Botti and Sheila Gossett are first time hosts from Dublin, OH. They will be at the RCH for the first half of the season. They both have been coming to Chautauqua for years and helping at several work weekends. John was on the board for 6 years and board president for the last three years.

Maura (left) and Evadne (right) Giannini are seen here participating in the “Old First Night” run at Chautauqua. These sisters are hosting their 5th year together, but this time at the RCH. You may know them from hosting the Mayflower for the last 4 years. Evadne also served as a facilities manager during our remodeling. Maura lives in Harrington Park, NJ and Evadne is from Mountaindale, NY.

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