Government Leans Toward Socialism

Congressman William E. Miller (R-NY) described "the government's strong leaning toward Socialism, especially in its public power projects, saying that public power enthusiasts want the Federal Government to 'construct... giant transmission grids covering the country... You can't have the government and private enterprise operating the same business side by side for very long because government has all the advantages.'"


Lost Wax Casting, Silk Screening, and Silver and Copper Enameling being offered in the Arts and Crafts Quadrangle


"A strange coincidence occurred when Miss Julia Hermann, harpist with the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, met and talked with Mrs. Paul Siple. Mrs. Siple was wearing an attractive charm bracelet that had many harps and the two women discovered that they had many of the same ones. Mrs. Siple is a harpist herself, and likes to collect harp charms for her bracelet. This summer when Mrs. William B. Clayton of Dallas takes a European trip, she is going to bring Miss Hermann some additional charms for her bracelet."

From The Chautauquan Daily, July 18, 1960