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Candidates Invited

Although both presidential candidates Senator John Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon have been invited to Chautauqua there is more likelihood that Nixon, who has campaigned in this area before, may accept...

Curiosity and and expectancy characterize speculations that pass across Plaza conversations especially as many recall vividly the huge throngs and tremendous ovation which greeted the appearance here in 1936 of Franklin D. Roosevelt when he gave his famous "I Hate War" speech on foreign affairs.

In the same year, GOP nominee Alfred M. Landon, Socialist candidate Norman Thomas and Prohibitionist candidate David Leigh Colvin comprised a slate of impressive Amphitheater speakers. But it was President Franklin Roosevelt who raised the atmosphere of feverish excitement as 12,000 persons braved muggy weather, jammed the Amphitheater and stood ten deep around the rim to hear the President of the United States.

The fondest hope of citizens and officials here is that either Kennedy or Nixon or both will accept the Chautauqua invitation and a warm welcome is expected and promised.

From The Chautauquan Daily, August 4, 1960

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