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Junior Service Adds Sacred Dance!

The Chautauquan Daily reports that the Doxology will be presented as Sacred Dance at the junior service at Hurlbut Church. It is hoped that young people will be attracted to this form of worship and will want to join a performing group.

The Department of Religion reporter was surprised to discover that Dr. Leiper has a rocking chair in his bathroom.

Robert S. Laubach will teach techniques of adult literacy for the 7th season in a row.

The president of American University, Dr. Hurst Anderson spoke about the "Ugly American" at the morning Ampitheater lecture. "He told of a woman, a professor of Astronomy in Turkey, who advised him that our treatment of the Negro was looked upon very unfavorably."

July 9, 1960

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Ruth Becker
Ruth Becker
Jul 10, 2020

Dresses for $17.98, on sale for $11.98? I can score that at Kohl’s or TJMAXX or Marshall’s from time to time! Wonders never cease. Hmmmm, I wonder if Robert S Laubach is my friend and CUCCS life member, Susan Laubach‘s, husband?

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