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Join the Fun: Volunteer for Work Weekends and Make a Difference

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Chautauqua season begins in June for the summer 2024!

Can you help us get our buildings ready? There are many chores to be

done. The dates for work weekends this spring are May 31-June 2 and

June 13-16. We start Thursday evenings and go through Sunday. As

Warren Thomas always said, “Come when you can and leave when you

must.” Join our social time June 13 at 7:00pm. Help get the buildings ready

Friday, June 16 and join us for pizza at 5:30. Stay Saturday and Sunday to

continue helping - wash dishes, dust, make beds, weed the gardens - all

the chores will be listed for you to choose from. We typically go out to eat

together Saturday night. And if you want to stay on for Week Zero to

continue helping, (the week before any programming begins) then by all

means, stay with us for free that week as well.

Many folks tell us that they look forward to the time, making new friends or

deepening relationships with those who work alongside of you.

Thanks for helping us be able to offer affordable housing. We hope to see

you then! For more information on work weekends email our Facilities

Manager, Curt Ackley ( or our Board chair, Sue

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