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Tribute to Bill Libby

A giant, generous, compassionate personality has completed a life well lived and will no long grace our space at Chautauqua. Bill Libby died on Wednesday May 3. His wife Marie let the board know that Bill was on hospice, so many had a chance to speak with both of them before he died. Bill expressed gratefulness for his life and the fact that he had reached 90 years! A Celebration of Life service will be held June 16, 11:00 am at First Congregational Church of Hudson, 47 Aurora Street, Hudson, Ohio

44236. Several members of the board will attend.

Bill was passionately committed to our Chautauqua UCC Society. He credited the denomination for being a lifeline when his life faced crises. He expressed that fervent love in his generosity. Always curious, he would ask probing questions about our buildings and their status of repair. That curiosity earned him a plea to serve on the board, which he did for 6 years. His and Marie’s interest and contributions to our remodeling of the kitchen, bathrooms, and rugs (to be installed this spring in the Mayflower) have been significant.

We have Bill to thank for our cracking the proverbial glass ceiling and accepting wine (and other associated drinks) into our space. He read the policy of the Institution, saw that alcoholic drinks were not prohibited before and after the season, and thus provided libation for a preseason work weekend pot luck dinner. There was laughter and smiles all around!

Thank you Bill, for your love, your support, your never ceasing prodding for us to pay attention - to things material, things spiritual, social justice (especially LBGTQ), and each other. We are forever grateful. Marie and Sharron will be well loved while at Chautauqua this summer. We will miss you greatly! RIP dear friend.

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