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New Carpet Needs Your Help!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

After the success of the major kitchen and bathroom renovations in the Mayflower, we are now concentrating on smaller, but just as important, improvements. Replacing the worn and dirty carpeting and wooden porch screen doors in the Mayflower are the next improvement on our list.

To that end, Bill and Marie Libby have made a very generous matching grant offer (matching up to $25,000) to cover the cost of new carpeting and new porch doors for the Mayflower House.

Therefore, the Society will be launching a small capital campaign to raise $25,000. Any amount you can afford would be greatly appreciated. No amount is too small.

To donate, please visit and select Carpet Fund from the dropdown menu as shown in the picture:

As always, we thank you for your generosity and community spirit. Thank you.

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