Living Legacy Circle's Charter

What kind of legacy will you leave for those who come after you? For some of us, it is our values and core beliefs. Or it might be dad’s old popcorn maker, as it was for my wife Nancy. (True story! Ask her!) Or it might be a house, or other assets. But how about considering a Living Legacy? We’ve learned from past programs at Chautauqua that experiences are the very best kind of gift, ones that bring the most joy and meaning. This summer we will gather for some fun sharing each week, as we introduce the Living Legacy Circle. Anyone who has committed to include the Chautauqua UCC Society in their estate plans will become members of the Living Legacy Circle. And if you take action by the end of 2022 to include our UCC Society as some form of beneficiary in your plans, you will be acknowledged as a Charter Member of the Circle. Come talk with us about ways to make that happen. You will then be an important part of making an affordable Chautauqua experience continue for generations. Curt Ackley, Chair, CUCCS Endowment Trustees.

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