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Donate to Carpet Fund by 12/31!

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

The carpet has lain there for me and for you,

Bestowing its plush for our knees and our shoes.

Now it’s gone thin, and battered and stained,

Refusing retirement until its replacement is named.

Please donate to the new carpet fund and remove the blight,

Allowing our trusty old carpet to go gently into the night.

Donations up to $25,000 will be very generously matched,

By Marie and Bill Libby - ensuring the carpet need no longer be patched.

Please donate by December 31st , see the link below or on the site,

Or to the following address – we’re surely hoping you might!

September though May, please mail to:

Grace Lipman / 115 Duke Drive / Lake Worth, FL


June through August, please mail to:

Chautauqua UCC Society / PO Box 68 / Chautauqua, NY


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