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2022 Work Weekends

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Are you able to run a vacuum or wash dishes? Can you help make up beds and dust off the furniture in our rooms? Could you help clean up our gardens? There are many chores to be done at our CUCCS buildings in order to open for the 2022 season. Those are but a few. Your volunteer labor helps us keep our costs down and our rooms affordable and they're also a great way to make new friends.

The dates for our work weekends this spring are: June 2-5 and June 16-19. Both these weekends start on Thursday evening and end on Sunday afternoon. You can stay, free of charge, in one of our rooms. Typically we go out to a local restaurant off the grounds on Friday nights and have a potluck dinner on Saturday nights so that you don't have a lot of food to take back home with you Sunday. You need not stay for the entire weekend. As my good friend, Warren Thomas, used to say: “Come when you can and leave when you must”. For more information on work weekends contact John Forrestal at or myself, John Botti, at

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