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Weekly Events

8:30 AM Sunday        Pick Up Choir                                      Randall Chapel

9:00 AM Sunday        UCC Worship                                     Randall Chapel

10 AM Weekdays       Service of Blessing and Healing         Randall Chapel

8:30 AM Sunday

9:00 AM Sunday

10:00 AM Weekdays

7:00 PM Monday

3:15 PM Tuesday

4:00 PM Wednesday

6:00 PM Wednesday

3:30 PM Thursday

7:00 PM Thursday

Saturday before 10 AM


Pickup Choir

UCC Worship

Service of Blessing and Healing

Taize Worship

Social Hour

Living Legacy Circle

Community Supper

Chautauqua Dialogue




Randall Chapel

Randall Chapel

Randall Chapel

Randall Chapel

UCC Parlor

UCC Parlor

Mayflower Dining Room

UCC Parlor

UCC Parlor

Saturday before 10 AM


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