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Meet Peggy O'Connor

Meet Peggy O’Connor - our new Co-Chaplain Administrator!

Hometown? New York, New York, a wonderful town.

Former Occupations? Before becoming a UCC pastor, worked as a psychotherapist and also in publishing.

Favorite CHQ walk? Over by the President’s House for the sunsets on the lake.

Favorite CHQ porch? The HQ porch is a marvelous place to be in the center of everything and in a rocking chair at the same time. It’s a great place to see people.

Memorable Amp moment? One summer there was a dance group with people of different abilities. Some were in wheelchairs, others on crutches. I was skeptical so I sat in the far back of the Amp and I was enchanted by the performance and ended up staying for the whole thing.

Favorite CHQ class? Improvisation. We learned to be very present in the moment and carry things forward in an unexpected direction.

Favorite read this past year? Richard Powers, The Overstory. I passed it along to my son-in-law and now he had passed it on to someone else.

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