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Interview with Sandy Nolan

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Sandy does an extraordinary job of making our gardens bloom. Our blogger caught up with Sandy on Sunday, July 19.

Occupation? Taught elementary school for 37 years in open plan, multi-age classrooms.

First visits to Chautauqua?

A group of friends from Kenosha used to go the County Fair, come to Chautauqua for the 9th week of the season and then start the school year.

Favorite CHQ memory?

The week on Aging (editor's note: 2007). Dr. Ruth and Gail Sheehy had both lost their husbands and talked about feelings and relationships. There was a group of people over 90 who talked about their lives and the loneliness of outliving children and grandchildren. "It was the most profound week ever."

Best ice cream at CHQ? The Buckeye at whatever we are calling the Pavilion these days.

Corn? Tomatoes? or Gladiolas? Gladiolas, of course.

Beloved CHQ hymn? All is the Well with My Soul and Jared’s version of We Will Gather at the River.

Cool CHQ class? Living Amish! We visited some farms and chatted with people. There were field trips every day for a week. Loved it.

Memorable CUCCS moment? When the gas company made a mess over at RCH last year. When we got done fixing it, we looked that we had been rolling in the mud forever.

Editor's note: Sandy Nolan passed on July 20, 2021.

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Great photo....quintessential Sandy!!!

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