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60 Years Ago, Last Year and Today

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Here's a snapshot of a familiar scene to those who were able to celebrate the Fourth at Chautauqua last summer with the Children's School parade.

60 years ago in the summer of 1960, the season opened on the 4th of July. Notable on that date:

1) W. Walter Braham announced his retirement as President and welcomed his successor, J. William Carothers.

2) The Chautauqua spirit was celebrated as "ruggedly Protestant Christian in its diversity and ever hospitable to the continuing search for the truth" (editorial comment, hmmm).

3) Every Chautauquan was exhorted to "carefully examine the quality of his citizenship to ascertain just what he is doing and how he can help win a permanent peace against the aggression of the cold war."

3) Aspiring writers could rent a Royal Typewriter (no price quotes in the Daily)

4) What classes would you sign up for at Kellogg Hall?

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