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If you can't go to CHQ...

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

... bring CHQ to you!

For our first interview with a regular guest, we bring you Julie Turnley!

Hometown? Cleveland, Ohio currently, originally Norwalk, Ohio.

Occupation? School psychologist. 

Future occupation? Retired (8.5 years away).

Favorite CHQ memory? The year the power went out and it was so hot with no breeze that we had to open all the doors and windows that we could.  A bat flew in causing Deb and me to scream like teenagers.  We still laugh about it every year.

Favorite CHQ fountain? I love the tiny fountain in the little Japanese garden near the amp.

What are you reading now? The Overstory by Richard Powers.  It’s kind of daunting because of its length.  It was my bookclub’s selection and I wasn’t thrilled to read it, but it was so good that it keeps coming back to me and makes me look at trees completely differently.

Know someone who would be a great candidate for an interview? Send your suggestions via the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

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