Gifts to the 20/20 Campaign

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Friends...the 2020 year end is fast approaching and I've heard lots of people say it can't come soon enough. We all know how challenging this year has been but one bright spot has been the completion of our new bathrooms at the Mayflower. That said, we have had to use our "reserves" to make the final payment to the contractor. If you have a pledge to the 20/20 campaign outstanding and feel you can finish your pledge this year that would be greatly appreciated. Fear not if you need to extend your payments into 2021. If you have not pledged but would like to make a gift to the campaign it would certainly be appreciated. You may donate by clicking here. If you prefer, you may donate via check or gift of stock. Send checks to Grace Lipman at 115 Duke Dr. Lake Worth, FL 33460. To donate stock, please click to email our treasurer, Rachel Barnard, or 773-835-2825.

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