Structural Issues:

To resolve the sagging floor issue caused by plumbers removing parts of support beams in years past, the floor was jacked up to level. New support beams were then added (sistered) to the existing beams to strengthen them and prevent further sagging. The sistered beams were also extended to the support sills to further improve their load carrying capability.

To keep the water related window wood rot and cement erosion from returning, the window wells on the Shaw side windows were filled with cement. Glass block will be used for the Shaw side windows to further prevent water related damage. In addition, the windows on the Westervelt side were filled with cement block. The block will be covered by stud walls on the inside. The block will be parged on the outside. The parging on the Westervelt side is complete. Painting to match the existing outside wall color will be done by volunteers in the spring.  

To resolve the use of the chimney structure to holdup the main dining room support beam so the chimney can be removed in the dining room and kitchen and thus provide clear access to the kitchen required evaluation by a structural engineer. The architect and engineer visited the site on September 22nd. They sized the correct I-Beam to enable removal of the chimney structure. The I-Beam was installed on October 5th. That I-Beam now holds the strengthened floor areas above the kitchen as well as the critical dining room support beam and the stairway to the first floor hall.  

To resolve the kitchen floor crumbling, the floor was removed by jackhammer, the base under the floor improved, and the floor re-poured using a vapor barrier. In addition, gas and electric conduit for the cooktop-island was added.  

Installation of Duradek waterproof vinyl decking membrane is planned to prevent the issue of leaking from the porch into dining room. 

Next step: Arrange for installation of Duradek waterproof vinyl decking membrane.