Project Preparation:

On August 29, 30, and 31 a team of 33 volunteers closed the houses and cleared out the Mayflower dining room, kitchen, and the bedrooms (host, 22, 32, and 42) that will be affected by the elevator construction. The closing activities began with prayer. This was followed by team leader Barbra Domer describing the numerous closing activities for each house before the volunteers went to work. Closing activities were completed ahead of schedule. Well done to all involved.  

In addition to the normal closing activities (e.g., moving the ladies, taking down signs, washing room soft goods items, etc.), four other closing activity areas were added.

The first had to do with the AMP renovation. Headquarters and Mayflower rooms facing the AMP were sealed to help prevent dust from entering the rooms.

The second had to do with the elevator. Furniture in the host bedroom, room 22, room 32, and room 42 had to be removed and stored until after construction is completed.

The third had to do with the dining room and kitchen. All items had to be packed, inventoried, and moved to the 1st floor. In addition, the renovations meant replacing the well-used tables and chairs. The chairs were donated to ECOC and the tables went to Catholic Charities and the Children’s School.

Finally, the shelves needed to be removed and the wood saved for use as future closet building materials.

Next step: Demolition of the dining room, kitchen, and host apartment by volunteers to begin on September 1st in preparation for general contractor project activities, which were scheduled to begin on or about September 15th.