Project Planning:

During the 2016 season, the dining room and kitchen committee (Ruth Becker, Hal Simmons, Rebecca Seldomridge, James Hubbard, and Steve Wallace) began meeting to plan for the Mayflower 20/20 campaign renovations. The renovations plan was to be presented to the Board on August 20th. The committee began the planning process with the realization that the space taken up by the new elevator and its access path, which was due for completion by the opening of the 2017 season, would also require some dining room modifications before the opening to ensure adequate dining space for guests.

The first issue the committee addressed before addressing needed space had to do with what was thought to be the dining room water issue. It turns out that multiple consultants advised that the elevator, the dining room, and the kitchen would all require an internal drainage system, in addition to an external Bowman drainage system, to address the water issue. This meant that the elevator, dining room, and kitchen were not independent projects, but rather would all need to be addressed for completion by the 2017 opening. Consequently, numerous experts were consulted to arrive at an integrated plan for all three projects that would maximize welcoming and hospitality, be completed by the 2017 opening, and be within the 20/20 campaign budget.

That plan, which is described by numerous drawings (i.e., Dining-Kitchen plan view and cabinet elevation renderings) and the 20/20 Improvement Projects list, was presented by the committee and approved by the Board on August 20th.

Next step: Closing the houses on August 29, 30, and 31 in preparation for project demolition, which is scheduled to begin on September 1st.