The dining room and kitchen renovations as well as the new elevator called for new electrical and plumbing systems consistent with the architect and elevator vendor drawings that meet local codes. To that end, the following tasks are required:

New electrical drop. A new drop going from 200 Amp to 330 Amp service is needed to support expected electrical needs for the elevator, renovated kitchen and dining room, ductless air-conditioning, and future building improvements, such as new bathrooms and additional lighting and electrical heat. This new service drop request required an estimate of the new and future load requirements. That estimate has been done by Steve Wallace. The increase has been requested from the utility company. Approval has been granted. Rough-in wiring has been completed.  

New wall wiring.  Wiring rough-in to support the kitchen and dining room space plan and appliance expectations is complete. After the stud wall construction was completed, the kitchen consultant, from Jamestown Kitchen and Bath, returned to the site to take actual measurements in order to complete her dining room and kitchen layout design concept provided on October 29th. The placement of the I-Beam along with the actual stud locations required some minor adjustments to her October 29th design concept. Her design was completed on November 1st. In addition to her completed design, appliance physical size and number as well as electrical and gas needs had to be determined in order for wall wiring to proceed. The appliance size, number and load needs have been determined (i.e., double oven; two cooktop hoods; three gas and one electric cooktop; two wall mounted microwaves for the kitchen and two existing microwaves for the dining room; two full size freezers; eight full size refrigerators; air-conditioning unit; ice machine; five four slice toasters; seven coffee pots). Rough-in wiring is complete.

New plumbing and gas. Water, gas, and drain plumbing is complete. The water heater and ductless air conditioning system is on order. Plumbing accommodations are being planned for the bathroom renovations planned for next year.   

Ceiling lighting. The architect’s drawings called for traditional 2’x4’ florescent lighting. He called for 28 fixtures (about double what we had). His spec would eliminate the dark spots that we had and meet lighting intensity architectural requirements for public spaces. New LED technology provides opportunities for less and better lighting options, including a more environmental friendly option at about the same cost as florescent. For example, using LED 2’x2’ fixtures will allow for fewer light fixtures, better placement and control to eliminate dark spots to meet architectural requirements, and custom intensity for different spaces (e.g., walkways, kitchen, and dining room can all have different lumens). Plus, LED technology is 50% more efficient than florescent and it is dimmable. Accordingly, ceiling wiring is proceeding for 2’x2’ LED lights. Switches are planned for the kitchen, walkways, and dining area. Switch locations at the top of the stairs, at the entry to the dining room, and in the kitchen area are planned. A sample 2’x2’ LED has been ordered to help with actual fixture location placement.  

Elevator wiring. Wiring for the elevator involves power for the hydraulic pump, elevator lights, porch lights, mechanical room lights. Wiring for the elevator has begun.  

Phone and fire alarm wiring. Phone wiring is required for the elevator and relocating the alarm system to the dungeon. In addition, the fire alarm wiring removed during construction needs to be reconnected. This work has been planned.  

Wiring problems. As wiring began, it was discovered that the wiring subpanels on the 1st and 3rd floors are not to code. These subpanels will need to be brought up to code. It is expected that this can be done as part of the bathroom renovations planned for the fall of 2017. In anticipation of that and in order to not have to disrupt the kitchen area and new electrical panels during the bathroom renovations, new wires have been pulled to the 1st and 3rd floor boxes and ceiling junction boxes have been installed in the kitchen ceiling to facilitate rewiring.

Next step: Reattach fire alarm system by alarm vendor.