The dining room and kitchen renovation called for 2x4 stud walls around the entire perimeter. Framing construction is complete. Framing uses treated lumber on the floor sill. The framed walls are placed inside the perimeter drain weep holes. The framed walls are used to hold the mechanicals (i.e., wiring, plumbing, and gas). The addition of the mechanicals has begun.  

Once the mechanicals are installed, the walls will be insulated. This is required because the space will be air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter (i.e., to keep the elevator sump pump from freezing). The insulated walls are covered with drywall to the point where nail holes and seams need to be finished. Finishing by volunteers is planned for the spring. In addition to the walls being insulated, the ceiling framing under the 1st floor porch and the dining room and kitchen ceilings will need to be insulated. Foam insulation has been completed. Installation of fire rated suspended ceiling and lighting is planned.   

Next step: Finish drywall and reattach fire alarm system.