Project Demolition:

Demolition of the dining room, kitchen, and host apartment by volunteers begin on September 1st. Initial demolition of the dining room walls was done by Steve Wallace and Jerry Domer. Bill Libby joined Steve and Jerry to remove the wall between the dining room and kitchen and also the kitchen walls and windows. Joe Nelson helped by removing the plumbing, gas, and sinks. In addition to numerous wiring projects in HQ and RCH, Dave Hoglund helped remove the framing for the suspended ceiling in the dining room. This was followed by Jerry Domer returning to help Steve Wallace remove the plaster ceiling above the suspend ceiling. This removal was necessary for fire safety, to remove mold, and to facilitate rewiring and plumbing. Well done to Jerry Domer, Bill Libby and Dave Hoglund.  

During the demolition by volunteers, Kraig Sweeney spent time obtaining work permits for the board approved project tasks. During this process, it was discovered that some of the tasks required the Architect, Bill Laubscher, to add to and to modify his drawings in order to obtain permits. Two required permits remain.  

The first permit is for the elevator, which requires an elevator height variance. This variance must be granted by the NY Department of Codes Division. Bill Laubscher worked with Kraig Sweeney and Steve Wallace to prepare the variance paperwork. Paperwork that was acceptable to the regional engineer, Andrew Hvisdak, was provided at the beginning of November. Variance approval was granted effective December 27, 2016. The elevator has been ordered. Installation by the elevator contractor is planned for February. Demolition for the elevator and shaft construction proceeded during the approval process. Only minor construction remains before installation can begin. That remaining construction is expected to be completed in January.   

The second permit is for glass block windows on the Shaw side of the kitchen. It was expected that this would require ARB approval. Those windows are temporarily blocked with plywood until that approval. However, after preliminary drawings and photos were submitted to the Institution, they granted approval for the glass blocks without going to the ARB. Accordingly, installation of the glass block is planned for February.    

Next step: Chimney removal by Kraig Sweeney General Contracting to begin on or about September 15th.