The architectural plans called for the exterior walls to be removed in the host bedroom and in rooms 22, 32, and 42. The S Terrace walls in these rooms will be removed. Elevator structural elements and new stud walls will be added. The porch doors in rooms 22 and 32 will be maintained. The host bedroom will contain the elevator mechanical room. The door from the host bedroom to the first floor porch will be the entry to that mechanical room.

The exterior walls for the rooms affected by elevator construction have been removed. New elevator structural elements, new stud walls, and new structural loadbearing beams have been constructed and drywall installation is complete to the point where nail holes and seams need to be finished. Following inspection by the building inspector, the renovations of these rooms can begin (e.g., remove wallpaper, fix ceilings, paper, paint, patch carpet, add electrical outlets, build closest, etc.). 

Next step: Begin room renovations.