Week Two July 1 - 8, 2017

The Rev. Jerry Hancock

Jerry Hancock entered the ministry after working for more than 30 years in the criminal justice system. In February, 2006, Jerry became the director of our church’s Prison Ministry Project, part of the church’s outreach. Its challenge is to serve prisoners and their families, engage the wider church in prison issues and to be an advocate for prison reform.

Jerry is a 1969 graduate of Colorado College with a BA in Political Science, 1972 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School and a 2005 graduate of the Chicago Theological Seminary.

On the lighter side, on April 18 every year, Jerry recites the poem “Paul Revere's Ride.” Jerry and his wife, Linda, live in Madison, where in their fridge you can always find the makings of an interesting lunch: Krista's 5-seed bread, bacon, mayonnaise, eggs and a couple of Diet Cokes.