Are you interested in serving as a Chaplain of the Week for the United Church of Christ at Chautauqua Institution?

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Chautauqua Institution 2017 Dates and Themes

Week One:  June 24 – July 1

Week Two:  July 1 - July 8

Week Three: July 8 – July 15

Week Four:  July 15 – July 22

Week Five:  July 22 – July 29

Week Six:   July 29 – August 5

Week Seven:  August 5 – August 12

Week Eight:  August 12 – August 19

Week Nine: August 19 – August 27


Breaking Borders: Saving the World Together - In Partnership with National Geographic

A Crisis of Faith?

Geopolitics Today: A Partnership with the Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Supreme Court: At a Tipping Point?

Comedy and the Human Condition

The Nature of Fear

Media and the News: Ethics in the Digital Age

At the Table: Our Changing Relationship with Food