Chautauqua United Church of Christ Society

Annual Meeting – August 23, 2015

 Welcome and Call to Order            John Rodgers, President

        John reminded us we are the light of the world with the lighting of candles and prayer.  A quorum was declared.

 Ron Cole-Turner led the Service of Remembrance and Celebration. Five members were lost to the society during the past year:

            Gale Potee

Bob Lynch

Barry Grevatt

Brad Pease

Alice Filkins

 The minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting were presented for approval with one word change submitted by Rex Becker.  Instead of Endowment Committee on page 3 it should read Financial Committee.

 Motion to approve the minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting:  Bob Boehm; Second: Peggy O’Connor.  Motion was approved with a unanimous vote.

 It was suggested that it may be helpful to Society members if annual minutes were posted on our website.

 Chaplain/Administrator’s Report (Ron Cole-Turner):

  • Ron Cole-Turner expressed his thanks to the Board, the host couples, Warren Rebecca, and Ruth.  
  • The Chautauqua Associates Program, as well as the Taize and Tea, were very successful.  Ron had helpful suggestions for continuing these popular programs.  See Report of the C/A to the CUCCS Board/August 22, 2015.
  • The renewal of the Chautauqua Institute Amphitheater will commence at the end of 2016. Access to the Mayflower during the 2016-17 off-season may be limited.  Our work will need to be coordinated in advance with the Institute.
  • In addition to creating renewed space Ron suggests we consider using some campaign funds to promote our Society and the use of our rooms in the greater region.
  • The C-A position is a challenging one but one for which he and Rebecca are grateful.  Ron will do all he can to assure as smooth transition to the next C-A.

President’s Report (John Rodgers):

  • John asked good questions of those gathered. What can we do to make our buildings as good twenty years from now as today?  The Society is earnestly exploring enhancements to the kitchen/dining/bathroom/ spaces as well as a new elevator.  We have issues with balcony railings and the roof that need repair.

  •  John announced good news.  We have a major gift of $100,000 to begin a capital campaign.  It is a matching gift and the Society is working hard to develop a strategic plan to meet the need and give new life to our  beloved community.

Registrar’s Report (Ruth Becker):

  • Ruth cited a great year thanks to a great staff involved in great programming.
  • Everyone on in our records that was able to receive email received  registration materials through Constant Contact this year.  The 80-90 members without emails were sent information through snail mail.
  • 595 people receive the newsletter.  600 names are on the spreadsheet.
  • The next logical step is to offer registration online.  Cost is minimal at 3% per transaction. This will necessitate a 5% raise in the room rate.
  • 46 new members to the Society this year.
  • There is a trend for shorter stays in our rooms.
  • It was celebrated that 40% of gate pass sales come from denominational house guests.

Facilities Manager’s Report (Warren Thomas):

  • Warren expressed his thanks to the 58 people who attended the work weekends.  
  • Warren  acknowledged Sandy Nolan’s award winning gardens.
  • Evadne, Maggie, and Shirley did a thorough inventory of the towel and sheets.  New sheets and towels have replaced.
  • Warren gave kudos to Sandy Boehm for her hospitality and goodies.
  • Upgrades to the property’s included new appliances, a waterline replacement, and the replacement of a rotten beam and part of the roof.
  • Preliminary drawings are ready for the architect.
  • A beautiful painting given by the Worleys beautify our walls.

 Treasurer’s Report (Bev Grunden):

  • Bev led us through the income and expenditures in the 2014 budget.

  • The $6,951.51 balance in the 2014 budget  is best directed toward our savings account.

Financials Committee:

  • The balance sheet was presented-as of December 31, 2014  assets total $558,293.41.
  • December 31st Market Value is $102,051.89.
  • Bev presented the proposed budget for 2016.
  • There is a raise in publicity, auditor, and hospitality line items.

 Motion to adopt the 2016 budget as proposed: Bill Libby; Second: Grace Lipman.  Motion was approved with a unanimous vote.

 Endowment  (Rex Becker):

 United Church Funds

                JANUARY 1ST 2014 MARKET VALUE     $424,232.45

                3/31 INCOME        $1,747.70

                6/30 INCOME        $2,068.07

                9/30 INCOME        $956.24

                12/31 INCOME      $878.67

                DECEMBER 31ST 2014 MARKET VALUE $353,074.88

Vanguard – Wellington Fund           

                ACCOUNT OPENED SEPTEMBER 8, 2014           $100,000.00

                9/19 INCOME DIVIDEND      $619.89

                12/26 INCOME DIVIDEND    $723.37

                DECEMBER 31ST MARKET VALUE          $102,051.89


                JANUARY 1ST MARKET VALUE               $424,232.45

                DECEMBER 31ST MARKET VALUE          $455,126.77

– In 2014, $100,000 was transferred from the United Church Funds account to a Vanguard Endowment Account.

– During 2014, there were gifts to the endowment fund totaling $6,125.00. In the first quarter of 2015, these deposits will be transferred into the endowment accounts, based on the proportion of each fund to the whole endowment value.

  • The interest and dividends from 2014 ($6993.94) will be designated by the Board of Directors as outlined by the Endowment By-Law

Endowment Trustees are Rex Becker (2016),  Bob Boehm (2016), and Bill Libby (2015).   Rex Becker nominated Bill Libby for a second term (2018). Bill Libby seconded the nomination.  

The Endowment Trustees were confirmed by consensus.

Governance Committee (Susan Rodgers):

  • Susan thanked Steve Lipman and Andrea Bucey for their leadership and service on the Board of CUCCS.  
  • Class of 2018 presented for approval by the membership of the Society

-Tom Worley  - full term #1

- James Hubbard  - full term #1

-Maggie Brockman – full term #2

-Susan Rodgers – full term #2

There were no nominations from the floor.

Motion to adopt the slate listed above: Susan Rodgers; Second Bob Boehm. Motion  was approved with a unanimous vote.

  • Evadne Giannini presented the officer’s slate.

-John Rodgers, President

-Peggy O’Connor, Vice President

-James Hubbard, Treasurer

-Susan Rodgers, Secretary

There were no nominations from the floor.

Motion to adopt the slate listed above: Tom Worley; Second: Bill Libby.

Motion was approved with a unanimous vote.

Discussion to clarify the length of terms for hosts of Mayflower and Reformed Houses resulted in a handbook addition.

Motion: The Board of Directors appoints Host and hostesses of Mayflower House and Reformed Church House for a 3-year term with the possibility of an annual extension for up to  2 more years at the discretion of the Board. The Registrar and Facilities Manager are appointed by the Board and confirmed annually.  Susan Rodgers; Second: Evadne Giannini.  Motion passed.

Facilities Committee (Evadne Giannini on behalf of Maggie Brockman):

  • Towels and linens have been replaced.
  • Every room has been assessed in the Mayflower and Reformed Houses.
  • Evadne reported that CUCCS has been awarded a plaque from the Go-Green Taskforce. CUCCS facilities and practices met certification requirements and are the first group in Chautauqua County to do so. We celebrated by taking a picture of the acceptance of this award.

Personnel Committee (Steve Lipman):

  • Steve welcomed candidates James Hubbard and Tom Worley into Board membership
  • Peggy O’Connor introduced Rebecca J. Seldomridge, new Chaplain Administrator of CUCCS. Peggy highlighted Rebecca’s resume.  Rebecca, a third generation Chautauquan, gave greetings and was warmly welcomed by those gathered.

Program and Promotions Committee (Peggy O’Connor):

  • Peggy commended those who attended General Synod in Cleveland for setting up a booth on behalf of CUCCS.  Bill Libby and all who promoted CUCCS at the booth were enthused by the response.  Follow up will be given to the list of names of those wanting more information.  The lovely banner created for General Synod was unfurled with a picture taken of those who were instrumental in this event gathered around.

Recognition of Service:

  • Steve Lipman gave a list of the long accomplishments of Ron Cole-Turner’s  service as Chaplain Administrator for the Society.   Rebecca and Ron Cole-Turner were commended for meeting the needed of the Society at a crucial time in our  history. Their vision, creativity, and abiding presence will be missed.  
  • Steve presented Ron and Rebecca with a beautiful print of our buildings as a parting gift from the Society.

 Other Business:

  • Bill Hoglund pointed out the colorful banner hanging in the rear of the chapel designed and given by Linda Tomsen.  Thanks were given to Linda for the lovely addition to the chapel.

Rebecca Seldomridge gave the closing prayer.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Laura S. Hoglund, Secretary