May 3, 2017 – Mayflower 20/20 Renovation Projects Summary Report (click an underlined project link below for project photos and more detailed information)

Planning: Board approved integrated kitchen, dining room, and elevator renovation plans.

Preparation: Volunteers cleared dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms affected by construction.

Demolition: Volunteers completed dining room and kitchen demolition. Work permits obtained.

Chimney: Finish work associated with chimney removal completed. Attic exhaust fan installed.  

Structural Issues: Vinyl to prevent leaking from porch into dining room finished. Sewer drain problem discovered during kitchen sink testing resolved.

Drain Systems: All three drain systems completed. No water leaks. Paver installation completed.  

Railings: Railing systems installed and painted. Second and third porch floors painted.

Framing: All drywall in dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms affected by elevator finished and painted.

Mechanicals: Water heater, utility sink, ductless air conditioning, hoods, lighting, and fire protection system tasks completed.

Windows and Doors: Bowman and S. Terrace windows stained and varnished. Entry door installed, stained, and varnished. 

Bedrooms: Host apartment and rooms 22, 32, 42 finish work completed. Construction cleaning of common areas completed.

Elevator: Elevator completed and passed inspection.  

Kitchen and Dining Room: Wall, woodwork, and stairway painting completed. Floor tile, cabinets, appliances, and counter-top installation tasks completed. Old refrigerators painted. New refrigerators delivered.