May 3, 2017 – Mayflower 20/20 Renovation Projects Summary Report (click an underlined project link below for project photos and more detailed information)

Planning: Board approved integrated kitchen, dining room, and elevator renovation plans.

Preparation: Volunteers cleared dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms affected by construction.

Demolition: Volunteers completed dining room and kitchen demolition. Work permits obtained.

Chimney: Finish work associated with chimney removal completed. Attic exhaust fan installed.  

Structural Issues: Vinyl to prevent leaking from porch into dining room finished. Sewer drain problem discovered during kitchen sink testing resolved.

Drain Systems: All three drain systems completed. No water leaks. Paver installation completed.  

Railings: Railing systems installed and painted. Second and third porch floors painted.

Framing: All drywall in dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms affected by elevator finished and painted.

Mechanicals: Water heater, utility sink, ductless air conditioning, hoods, lighting, and fire protection system tasks completed.

Windows and Doors: Bowman and S. Terrace windows stained and varnished. Entry door installed, stained, and varnished. 

Bedrooms: Host apartment and rooms 22, 32, 42 finish work completed. Construction cleaning of common areas completed.

Elevator: Elevator completed and passed inspection.  

Kitchen and Dining Room: Wall, woodwork, and stairway painting completed. Floor tile, cabinets, appliances, and counter-top installation tasks completed. Old refrigerators painted. New refrigerators delivered.

    All the above gives you an excellent understanding of all that was accomplished in the winter and spring of 2017.  Those who were able to be on site during the summer experienced the wonderful new kitchen/dining room.  The Elevator helped many leisurely move in and out of the upper stories.  If you have not been on site since this work was completed plan to join us next summer.

  In the fall of 2017 we are addressing the railings and fire escape of the Reformed Church House.  There is much decay and all railing will be replaced and brought into code.  Fund Raising continues with the goal of the enhancing of our bathrooms in both our houses with work scheduled for the winter and spring of 2019.